Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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The Contractor shall provide a proposal for monitoring adjacent properties for any detrimental effects arising from execution of the piling works, so that appropriate and timely preventive action speciication be jkrr to minimise damage.

The Contractor shall store or stack at all times, all materials, tools, et cetera in a safe and orderly manner so as not obstruct any passageway or place of work. Except for ties used for anchoring void formers, all ties shall be at least 1. Upon removal of the stabilized construction access, the area shall be specificxtion and stabilized. Method of grouting shall be carefully controlled to prevent pile uplift and avoid other potential problems with prior approval of the S.

Safety precautions The Contractor shall take safety precautions throughout the piling operation in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and bylaws. The pile attachments are angles, about 75 mm x mm with the mm dimension projecting from the pile.

Standard Specification for Road Works (JKR/SPJ/1988)

The calibration is material specific and shall be performed for each material type. Federal Territory Planning Act Act 9.

Pipes And Fittings 5. The heads of fasteners shall be shaped so that they can be driven slightly below the surface of the plasterboard without punching through the paper liner. Vebe Classes Table D7C: The vibration shall be such specifivation there will specificaation no excess water on the top surface on completion of compaction.

They shall be durable, waterproof, non-shrink and possess strength higher than that of precast concrete. The Contractor shall submit documentary evidence on the contents of the admixture to be used.


The contact surfaces of the members should be grooved to the appropriate dimensions as given in Part 6 of MS Metal Framing For Partition 3.

However, higher drops may be allowed provided specififation mix has been well designed and proportioned. The Contractor shall provide the manufacturer mill certificate. No holes shall be left for later incorporation of fittings specificatlon no subsequent hacking of floor shall be made. Flow Classes Table D7D: Catch platform shall not be used for storage of material or be used as working platforms or walkways.

Where the gradients are not shown in the drawings, the pipe shall be laid to the following gradients: It shall be erected or provided by the Contractor and approved by the S.

This is considered valid provided: Butt joints on adjoining sheets shall be staggered. The temporary compression of specififation pile shall be recorded if required. No metal part of any device for maintaining formwork in the correct location shall remain permanently within the specified concrete cover to the reinforcement.

The finished size for joinery, unless otherwise specified, shall be within the margin of permissible variation stated hereunder: The terms of the Guarantee shall be such as approved by the S.

The pipe shall extend to the base of the boring and a sliding plug or barrier shall be placed in the pipe to prevent direct contact between the first charge of concrete in the pipe of the tremie and the water or support fluid. The check dam shall be constructed of rocks or logs which are secured against damage during significant floods. If directed by the S.

The site office shall comply with local building bylaws. The nearest edge of the crib supporting the kentledge stack specificaion not be closer than mm to the surface of the test pile. Where layer of rock is encountered along the bottom of the excavation, it shall be cut and trimmed to the required level of the trench. The reference beam jrk shall be located at least 3 mm from the load test pile, reaction pile or pile supporting reaction loads.


The surface of the concrete shall be maintained reasonably level during placing.

If the position and detail of any construction joints is not described in the drawings, the Contractor shall propose and obtain the approval of the S. Excavated rock needed for earthwork construction which the Contractor elects to waste shall be replaced at the Contractor’s own expense by borrow materials of satisfactory quality from alternative locations approved by the S.

Preparation for pile head for testing i For a pile that is tested in compression, the pile head or cap shall be formed to give the plane surface which is normal to the axis of the pile, sufficiently large to accommodate the loading and settlement measuring equipment and adequately reinforced or protected to prevent damage from the concentrated application of load from the loading equipment.

General The work to be done under this section unless otherwise shown or jr in the B.

Standard Specification – Quantity Surveyor Online

When placed in the work it shall be clean and free from loose rust, mill scale, oil, grease, paint, dirt or anything which may reduce its bond with concrete. Where backing brick wall is shown, the through stone shall be properly bonded in such brick wall.

Material warranty shall be up to 25 years against perforation by corrosion, 15 specificatioj against flake and peel, 10 years against colour fading and 5 years against dirt staining.

Where it is necessary to bend the free end of mild steel reinforcement already cast in the concrete, the internal radius of the bend shall not be less than twice the diameter of the bar. Size diameter mm Gradient 1: Tie holes shall be spaced so that they occur at overlap joints in the lining sheet.