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IEC DETERMINATION OF TRANSFORMER AND REACTOR SOUND LEVELS. IEC Ed. Determination of transformer and reactor sound levels Defines the methods by which the sound levels of transformers, reactors and their. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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All equipment accessories shall be sign and guide on 605551 and maintenance. The clamp assemble and structure shall be of a, non-magnetic type, and shall be effectively insulated and tightened so to ensure an even pressure on the whole core assembly and are not loosened by vibrations caused by transport and operation. The fans shall be safe kipping and separate protection jec over temperature and magnetic equipments. Fans The fans system including two groups Fans control: Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our 6551 tips.

Manuel and auto operation. Terminals and clamps – kV direction: Technical Documents 1 Arrangement document Within 60 days of receipt of sign contractManufacture supplies 03 documents templates and drawings: Degree of temperature rise: Oil separate air by rubber envelope on conservator.

BS EN 60551:1993

This covers all the possible tests that you can experience with power transformers, and Dewesoft can cover them all with one single device. C per 1 min. Power quality The Power quality module allows measuring harmonics of the voltage and the current up to some hundred kHz. The fans – motor high speed, low of noise and sign rotation.

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Format — Confirmation letter for Common Registry. Check and take over group control and to witness 72 hour on construction site. Page 10 of 19 We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. The windings must be construction steady and withstands forces caused by short-circuit stresses – The insulation material shall be highly quality and designed as to obtain an optimal value for series and shunt capacities in order to have a favorable distribution of the voltage for full waves and chopped waves.


Page 7 of 19 – Equipment shall be provided supervision tap changers in times of step by step. Terminal and clamp out side used ACSR mm2 connector. If results of tests report not to meet 6051 in technical characteristic board on document to make an offer, the treatment will treat according to contract.

Page 4 of 19 – The Winding shall be of electrolytic high quality copper, section and resistance must be equal. The remote control cubicle shall contain: We strive to implement the principles of operational 06551 in order to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations for quality, delivery, and service. Local control cabinet Page 8 of 19 Each transformer shall be fitted with a control cabinet of welded sheet steel housing, mounted on the transformer tank with vibration dampers, in a position easily accessible from ground level.

Remote control cubicle Ic A signal for start from phase B current bushing The radiators shall be provided with sectionalizing valves, to make possible their removal without disturbing the transformer. Testing of power transformers makes a couple of different measurements necessary, which are described in the international IEC standard.

The control cabinet shall contain: Click to learn more. It shall ice arrangement balance pressure valves. Equipment used in testing must be certification quality by quality national.


The cubicle fitted on control room. Three phases, three windings oil immersed and installation outdoor Transformer. It shall be with max needles and with compensation functions.

The MCB operates over temperatures and magnetic. IV Factory Tests and complete transformers The following tests shall be carried out at irc Manufacturer’s works in the presence of the Employer’s Representative on transformers to be provided, in accordance with the requirements set out in IEC Publication No.

Oil and gaskets system 4. The test of par. Motor control by signal of top oil thermometer: For each conservator a synthetic ice ensuring an airtight seal shall be provided. Local cabinet control and remote control cubicle 8.

On load tap changer devices. Tests report shall be including: Transformer testing Testing of power transformers makes a couple of different measurements necessary, which are described in the international IEC standard. After received letterwithin 05 days, buyer will be make answer by letter.

1 Type: Three phases, three windings oil immersed and installation

For more information check the power quality application page. It shall be design to steady and withstand full vacuum. Dewesoft Dashboard Edit metadata. The data can be represented in percentage of the fundamental frequency as required for the no-load current according to IEC standard.

Especially analysis at lower power factors is very difficult with conventional measurement equipment.