Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes has 60 ratings and 2 reviews. Lauraloves said: I downloaded this book back in as I am a huge fan of the. AND THE CHAMBER OF CHEESECAKES This is a preview of Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes. It contains the first six chapters. A hysterical parody of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. In this farce the Harry Potter characters, places, and past events have been twisted around with.

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Ivelisse Lynch rated it did not like it Jun 09, It was going to be a great day! You can’t expect me to believe this, do you? A sudden fanfare split the air, and Elvis Grumblesnore performed, “I’m All Shook Up” using the teacher’s table as a stage.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You remember my friends, don’t you? The Dirtleys didn’t want Harry in their home, and resented his intrusion in their lives.

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Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes – Timothy R. Odonnell – Google Books

Harry’s reverie was broken as a foreign-looking man wearing a turban walked by his table muttering something that sounded like, “Cheating scumweasel! When he had recovered, he whispered, “Why, yes, I suppose there is. Henry didn’t bother serving the Popular Rich Kid’s table, as none of them ever ate the food he prepared. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Sneering as he followed the silver thread back to its start, he discovered the date, time, and place of his enemy’s birth, July 31,7 pm, London. For he had no thoughts of love, his burning desire was to be ready when his enemy arrived. Ron and Hermione were both Perfects, and did their best to set a good example to the other students, by not breaking any of the rules.


Hermione bit her tongue, “Well, I think we can still be a great team, Chsesecakes still smart and you’re Hermione was practically talking badly about Harry. He noticed the ad in it for the latest Spiderman comic, and became annoyed. He had grown up teasing and bullying Harry. He was quite relieved to finally get a breath of fresh air.

Furthermore, losing argument after argument only worsened his mood, making him snappish. There were also shops that provided wizarding services such as spells, restaurants, banking, cleaning, tailoring, real estate, lawn mower repair, and travel. Harry was quite used to his food talking. The trial was being held in the same courtroom that his previous trial had taken place in, however, it was even dustier than last time.

The first, that when the one who would try to steal his heart came, he wouldn’t give the poor fool a chance, he would tear him apart. Since then, all he got were looks of seething and loathing.

He hadn’t seen them since. They don’t want me dead. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on hargy and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books. He was the one who had conceived the plot to lure Harry to the circus where his uncle pufter, in order to trap him, and turn him over to Lord Moldyfart.

He would not allow laws or emotions to get in the way of his defenses. Riddly, not satisfied with his expertise in standard magic and even illegal magic, eventually began to practice dark magic, and learned everything he could.

Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes – Timothy O’Donnell – Google Books

One person found this barry. After six years of school, any student is old enough to use magic at home. Harry had wanted desperately to get to know his Uncle Serious, however, his uncle seemed to desperately not want to get to know Harry.

Harry sighed again, flopped on the bed, and rummaged through a pile of comics. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Each summer Harry was treated like a subspecies. Harry thought he was in heaven, only a heaven where someone was chabmer to kill him.


[PDF] Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes Full Online

He might be in just as much danger there, possibly more since we won’t be there to Don Brennan rated it it was amazing Dec 26, In reality, she would have been far happier if she just accepted chambfr Free-Elf’s service. It was against the unwritten code for a teenage boy to hang out with girls, especially sisters.

Mudley was a pig. Ginny imitated her brother, “Look at me, I’m the good looking one! He couldn’t believe this hoodlum had the audacity to plead Not Guilty. They crafted the entrance to Platform so that you had to concentrate on something rather specific and unlikely, in order to pass through the illusion, thus preventing the entrance from being discovered accidentally.

She suddenly realized that Gildersneeze probably still didn’t remember much of that year at all. All he could hear was the background music to Zombie King II. He had gotten so many of these letters so far this summer, in reality a hundred and fifty seven that he could recite them by heart.

His involvement in setting the trap last spring had compromised him. When he slogged into Elvis Grumblesnore’s office to return a few bleach- based household cleaners that he had borrowed during his battle, he found himself interrupting a conversation with Grumblesnore and Luscious Maldoy, who was there along with his Free-Elf servant, Bobby. Fudge had arranged the whole thing.