Changeless reached #20 on the New York Times Mass Market Paperback bestseller list on April 3, It was the first of Gail Carriger’s books to hit the list. Changeless is the second installment in the delightful historical fantasy Parosol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. If you prefer to be unspoiled I suggest skipping this review. Dear Ms. Carriger: Changeless starts of slow and ends with a big cliffhanger.

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I honestly don’t think I can write a review that does this book justice.

The same goes for the identity of the villain. Now I just have to decide if I’ll get my money’s worth and read the book or if I’ll pass it on without even trying it. I also liked that we got to spend more time with secondary characters like Ivy and Tunstell, and changeelss characters like Madame Lefoux, who shakes up Alexia quite nicely and in intriguing ways.

Set in an alternative London, where Queen Victoria reigns by virtue of the support of vampire hives and werewolf clans, who, collectively, make up the aristocracy of England. Alexia finds something a bit off with the Madame, especially with the way she looks at and touches her. Umm, that was wrong, past self.

At first Alexia is blamed, but something more sinister is at play; perhaps a type of weapon created by someone who has much to csrriger by all of this.


They are prim and proper. That review was definitely better than this one, as these things go. In Changeless we got a few more interesting characters in the Kingair pack Lord Maccon’s family members and previous pack in Scotland and Madame Lefoux, the lesbian inventor.

Jun 02, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: One important thing I noticed underneath all the action and drama is that being an eccentric and an oddball is something to be proud of.

First published in the United States on April 1, by Orbit BooksChangeless is the second book in a projected five-novel “The Parasol Protectorate” series, changsless featuring Alexia Tarabotti, a woman without a soul, as its lead character. We have this amazing soulless Italian heroine who is very practical and efficient, then we have her super sexy alpha werewolf of a husband.

Changeless: The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger – book review

I was really starting to get angry. We also got to get some really fun scenes from Lord Maccon and Professor Lyall. One thing that might confuse readers is actually one of the draws of this series – the steampunkiness.

Also, what happened to Ivy? She was funny and a bit ditzy in the first book, but she turned outright stupid in this book. Alexia is settling in nicely to her roles as wife and “high-powered political daffodil. Oh, also, minor but obvious spoiler, lesbians!


LoveVampires – the website dedicated to vampire fiction. This is made more annoying by how fun the book was up to that point.


If only they talked to each other–but then, where would the plot be? Finally available on Audible! Now, the voice is still the same – which is a gil plus for me. Buddy read with the MacHalo group starting October 6, I had an interesting conversation with my husband last week and I told him about this genre of writing called Steampunk.

He scratched his head and I explained that there were all sorts of mechanical gadgets, usually powered by steam, usually set in Victorian England, and that there are changelss a lot of novels that are set in the world of Steampunk. Pour yourself a glass of something chilled, park yourself in a comfy spot and enjoy.

Steampunk Empire 3 3 Apr 28, A nibble here and bite there I loved seeing her in action and on a mission with a few new characters, but Lord Akeldama the flamboyant vampire is still there and livens every scene he’s in. I am so happy that Blameless came out this week.

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