4. 5. Tento pin objevil(a) pedinoha. Objevujte (a ukládejte) své vlastní piny na Pinterestu. Indonesian food | Wellingborough | Toko · Sauces · Indonesian · Malaysian · Filipino · Korean · Chinese · Vietnamese · Thai · Indian · All Products · About us. Buah Lam Lay These are Buah Rambai and they were my grandmother’s favorite . They taste like Langsat, but slightly on the sour side.

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For that, you can eat fruit this one as a preventive cancer malignant.

The Fruits of Malaysia

Nutrition of pregnant women postpartum Mothers who have given birth after pregnancy need plenty of nutrients to restore buaah health. This fruit also contains nutrients with benefits and good health benefits.

This fruit does not contain excessive sugar content, so it will not raise blood sugar levels in your body. Anti oxidants The function of this important vuah can be a source of food to protect you from the effects of free radicals, namely anti-oxidants. Retrieved from ” https: Remember to stop by these fruit stalls the next time you are on the road.

The seed is edible and the flesh is slightly sticky but absolutely tasty. You see, my late grandmother pronunciation is not exactly correct, so we always call them Buah Lam Lay instead of Buah Rambai.


Let us discuss further about the benefits and efficacy of rambai for the health of the body. You know that when you eat rambai, you have to eat with the seed unlike langsat. Fiber is a good nutrient to make the process of processing food in the digestive organs more smoothly. Toni Xe — yes, Balik Pulau is a lot of fun with fruit stalls, durian orchards, and other farms. Or include them in your profile.

Its common names include rambai and rambi rambaai, and in Thai language mafai-farang. Please let us know what camera you use. Along the East-West Highway and interstate highways of Malaysia, one can find many fruit stalls selling huah kinds of local fruits.

They may be eaten raw or cooked or made into jam or wine. There is no better way to rambaii the taste buds than to spend time here.

Baccaurea motleyana – Wikipedia

Leave this field empty. The result, you can avoid diabetes. Spesies pokok rambai merupakan pokok berjantina “dioecious”dengan bunga jantan dan betina membesar pada individual yang berlainan. The fruit is similar to duku fruit. Setiap daun pokok rambai sepanjang 33 sentimeter dan selebar 15 sentimeter.


For a second, I though the cempedak was a giant durian. The species is dioeciouswith male and female flowers growing on separate individuals.

Each leaf is up to 33 centimeters long and 15 wide. The staminate racemes are up to 15 centimeters long rxmbai the pistillate inflorescences may reach 75 centimeters in length.

Each fruit has velvety pinkish, yellow, or brown skin which wrinkles at ripening and ubah filled with whitish pulp containing 3 to 5 seeds. Setiap kantung berasa manis hingga berasid. Cure some skin diseases For outer disease, efficacy rambai was also very powerful. In addition to a healthy snack, fruit rambai proved to contain many nutrients.

File:Buah rambai dipokok.JPG

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The source of energy for the body The next benefit of rambai is as a fruit to increase the source of energy in the body. Pokok rambai juga digunakan sebagai teduhan dan kayu berkualiti rendah.

Ia boleh dimakan mentah atau dimasak atau dijadikan jem atau ditapai.