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Enter the number specifying the primary device. The next 8 bits first byte is used for the U Site Code. No The control panel does not send the flag. Silencing Sounders in the Shared Area Area Shared area alarms and troubles can be silenced from any command center.

Bosch D9210b Series Access Control Interface Module

Perim Delay R S: Reports No Entry Event. Reports bsch from Fire Supervision. Testing The Db Buzzer: This output relay can be used to trigger the input zone bosh a device being used as a slave to report control panel arming status. Report fire supervisory missing. Force arming does not bypass hour points. User needs access level for Master Armed M state. EN 40 Access Control Readers Assigned to the Shared Area The d210b area momentarily disarms then begins the exit delay sequence, allowing a user to walk to an associate area and disarm.


The programmer does not accept inappropriate entries. Instead of programming this type of protection as a hour point, consider using a Perimeter point type with a Point Response of 9 to E.

Bosch vip xd – network video server: This area cannot send Perimeter Opening and Closing Reports. Reports Fire Walk Start event. Phone Failure Alarm Responses: Only the last three digits are transmitted.

Bosch DB Access Control Interface Module Fire Alarm | eBay

EN 68 These D92210b functions resume the proper state within 1 minute: To disable remote programming, enter Blank in both Answer Armed and Answer Disarmed prompts in this section. The control panel checks certain relay functions each minute and resumes the correct state after the reset. Materials Included Bosch Security Systems ships the DB Access Control Interface module pre-assembled from the factory with a power supply, in its own can, or as a unit less bpsch.

No This menu item does not appear at this command center address. With the addition of enhanced communications, the R Primary Device destination can be either the phone number or the path number IP address to which the route group first attempts to send the event.

Bosch DB Manuals

Enter the number specifying the route group to program. Use only the readers identified as being compatible with the DB door control module. Use Table 4 to estimate the wire bundle size for your knockouts and where to mount the DB. Use this setting for telephone systems where specified.


Because defaults are set for the typical installation, you may not need to program each prompt. Area Not Ready Default: Related program entries are grouped together in modules as they appear in the specific d92210b handlers.

This indicates the control panel cannot initiate the Add User Mode until a door is assigned to this command center. L Add User Although an individual user d9210 can be deleted separately, take caution.

Bosch Appliances D9210B Network Card User Manual

See the Enhanced Command Center prompt in Section 2. The control panel can engage in RAM sessions when called from any phone number and a proper RAM passcode is identified. Reports restoral of point bus after failure. Entering C creates a 3-second pause example: Page 19 – Step This relay provides a steady output until all Fire points in the system are returned to normal. There is no means to delete each user within the group individually.

Blank A Reset Sensors Selection: Program Fire Time for 2 minutes or more to ensure you have ample output time. Each group has a primary and a backup device.