In David Wellington’s supernatural novel “Frostbite,” hiker Cheyenne Clark is lost . Balas de Plata tiene todo que un libro necesita para convertirse en un éxito. Overwinter has ratings and 92 reviews. Sammy said: Howling Stars for OverwinterWow. What an amazing action packed ending to the werewolf series. This is a cross-genre novel by upcoming urban fantasy and horror author, David Wellington. There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost.

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Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers before reading further. Chey climbs a tree in order to dsvid, but becomes alarmed by an evil howl in the distance.

Occasionally he would lick her face, her ears, to wake her up, to keep her from fading out of existence altogether.

My initial surprise in this book was at how well Wellington wrote a female. Powell still insists that there’s a cure for lycanthropy and he’s determined to find it. This was a great read that I could not put down and finished in 48 hours.

Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers before reading further. Part Two delves into Chey’s biographical history from age seven to present, and the freak car accident resulting bbalas her father’s murder by a werewolf, prompting her vengeful mission to find the animal responsible. Chey and Powell can’t remember anything from when they are in wolf form and vise versa.

I loved both books, both drove me mad with anticipation, never knowing which way it would go. Once again I found the character development quite satisfying. With his powerful jaws he tore at her, pulled her apart. Se, the only one who can understand what Chey has become is the man—or wolf—who’s doomed her to this fate. Love does conquer all, even lycanthropy, but sometimes the price is high indeed, so high that you wonder whether it was worth it…ok, before I get maudlin let me bakas with the rest of likes.

I just felt both characters deserved more of a reward for the trials they both endured to get to their goal. Overwinter Cheyenne Clark 2 by David Wellington.


So very good indeed! A good example of a good werewolf based horror story. It was very well-written and the plot for the most part very well-developed. It was a gutsy story — as beautiful but also as cruel as the Arctic itself. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed by the ending though I am not surprised. I think I would have wanted a bit more ‘grit’ but I think I will still be the sequel a try. Of course it was all good, logical and understandable but still An evil werewolf approaches, intent on killing Chey.

We are able to see the world from the perspective of the wolf — almost a separate entity from the person — and it is a fearsomely hard world to live in. Nothing is tied up in a pretty package.



This second book delved into the ancient spirit gods histories and the myth behind the Were, spinning one fantastic tale. In the meantime, this book reveals the terrifying brutal nature of werewolves while balxs their wolf form dwvid their difficult lives during while in their human form. Mar 16, Caroline Barker rated it it was amazing.

I found the writing easy to read and enjoyable for the most part. Good series of two. I can’t say more without spoiling the book. Granted, there’s enough here to satisfy diehard werewolf fans, but also a few new twists that Like he’s done with vampires and I would imagine, his zombie novels, but I have yet to read thoseDavid Wellington adds his own unique spin bbalas lycanthropes with this lean and nasty horror novel.

This was a good book. Montgomery Powell isn’t very friendly. Top Read Cheyenne is a dedicated woman and she has a se to do, but when she is scratched by the very thing that has haunted her since wellingtin was twelve years old, she now becomes that very monster. View all 4 comments. Moments later Cheyenne meets with the wolf whose howling she heard. Chey Clark is alone searching for her monstrous quarry and despite her careful preparations still gets more than she bargains for when she catches up with the gigantic wolf she believes killed her father when she was a teen.

Additionally, there was no explanation of what happened, or might have happened, after the last scene. Response to the projec David Wellington is a contemporary American horror author, best known for his Zombie trilogy as well as his Vampire series and Werewolf series.


She narrowly escapes an attack by a ferocious wolf, though her ankle is severely clawed. There’s some interesting backstory that’s glossed over and I see that this may be the first in a series, so perhaps we’ll have another opportunity to learn more about Dsvid, or the origin of the cur I liked this book. Her pack is destroyed on the rocks at the bottom of the ravine and she platq all her supplies except her useless cell phone, a compass, a water damaged map, and a few energy bars.

Who lost her father in a horrible death by a lycanthrope Werewolf wellinggon Shape shifter. In Frostbite, he makes the rules for his lycanthropes all the more strict and frightening, whi If revenge is a dish best served cold, then what better place for it than the Canadian North?

Cursed (Cheyenne Clark, #1) by David Wellington (5 star ratings)

However, for anyone just wanting a good werewolf story, halfway through the book it takes a break from the werewolf stuff and focuses on a backstory. It was a good wrap-up for this two-book series, but overall I think I enjoyed Frostbite more.

They despise humans and will relentlessly attack with pure hatred. In fact, his werewolves pkata another strong element of the novel. She is out in the woods in 0 bellow weather and no means of contact from the outside world! Frostbite is an intriguing werewolf tale set in the arctic Canadian forest that relies on the formulaic style plaha start with the end, then go back and explain what led up to it, which makes for a somewhat disorganized pacing.

Wellington maintains the consistent quality of his previous series in this werewolf book.