Spells brings you at least a hundred spells for each level of casting, from cantrips to orisons all the way up to the world changing spells of. Rite Publishing Presents: Spells- Inquisitor Spell List Sorcerer Supreme ( Designer): Steven for more information on the . Spells: Inquistior’s Spell Lists (PFRPG) Free Preview – Never Cast the Same Spell Twice! This product gives you the spell list for the.

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Read scrolls and spellbooks. Show creatures a glimpse of their judgement in the afterlife.


Dispels magical ability ptrpg or repairs 1d4 ability damage. You create a suit of armor made of ice which offers the same protection as a breastplate, except it has hardness 0 and 30 hit points. As lighten objectbut affects number of objects equal to half caster level. Prevents frightened subject from running. Target one enemy and one willing ally. Reveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment.

Mighty Fist of the Earth. Touched object emanates bright light, granting Perception and Sense Motive bonuses. Blocks planar travel, damages creatures of different alignment. Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass.


Spells (PFRPG) with free Hero Lab support!

One subject takes —2 on attack rollsdamage rolls, saves, and checks. A metal object instantly becomes red hot possibly causing the wielder to drop it or take damage. As protection from chaosbut you may divide the duration among creatures touched. When you are dealt damage, your attacker must roll damage for the attack twice and take the higher roll, but the attacker must also succeed at a Will saving throw or become demoralized for 1 round.

Mark of Obvious Ethics. This spell summons one humanoid petitioner per caster level. As resist energybut you may divide the duration among creatures touched. Spell Immunity, Spdlls Communal.

Gain ferocity monster special ability, temporary hit pointsand a morale bonus against mind-affecting effects. Protection from Evil, Communal. Sspells living creatures within the area of effect, including yourself, must immediately attempt a saving throw with a —2 penalty against any and all diseases they have contracted, even if the onset time has not yet elapsed.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Wall of Split Illumination. As symbol of deathexcept that all creatures within 40 feet are effect by greater dispel magic.

You focus your mind pfrph one aspect of your body, aligning the energies within your body to enhance that element. You can create simple weapons composed of ice that last for 24 hours before melting. Protection from Good, Communal. Animate dead when a specific trigger condition occurs.


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This spell turns nonmagic liquids into mead or wine of average quality. You must be logged in to ppfrpg a comment. Elemental ray does 2d6 acid, cold, electricity, and fire damage, with one type persisting for 1d4 rounds.

Curse your target with a withering aura that degrades its armor and shield if any. Appear to use true resurrection on someone but instead allow a belier devil to possess the corpse. Shield of Fortification, Greater. Additionally, each day the target remains cursed, more and more of its flesh becomes covered in reptilian scales. Each ray deals 4d6 points of nonlethal damage.