Fred Neulander. The opinion only reaffirms the jury’s sound belief in a guilty verdict in this case.” Carol Neulander was beaten to death by two. A LOOK BACK: Rabbi Fred Neulander murder trial .. The rabbi, now 73, is serving a life sentence for murder with no release date in sight. Fred Neulander, 61, showed no emotion as the forewoman of the jury of seven . In Neulander’s case, only one aggravating factor exists: the fact that he paid.

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At his age, failure to get his parole could result in his spending the rest of his natural life in prison.

Tried before Judge Linda G. To be sure, the judge would have been required to instruct the jury that Jenoff’s statement could not be considered as evidence of a propensity on defendant’s part to commit or conspire to commit casf wife’s murder.

When Soncini explained that she had already spoken to the police fged admitted to having an affair with him, defendant became silent.

During the rabbi’s retrial, numerous witnesses from Temple M’Kor Shalom testified that Neulander made a rare appearance at the synagogue on the night of the killing and even sat in on choir practice, which raised eyebrows.

But neulanxer attorney Jeffrey Zucker said there were too many gaps in the case for any juror to find Neulander guilty.

Fred Neulander

He also asserts that, even if properly admitted, the judge’s failure to sua sponte give the required limiting instruction was reversible error. She sold the bakery several years ago, but still worked as its wholesale manager.


Accessed January 1, And almost all the witnesses against the rabbi come with enough baggage to undermine their credibility. It is well settled that “[q]uestions not raised below ‘will ordinarily not be considered on appeal. Nuumber, although the judge did not give an instruction concerning the specific use that could be made of their guilty pleas, she charged:. Inside, police found a bloody scene. Authorities suspect robbery as a possible motive in the brutal slaying. She would testify at the trial that when her husband, Ken Garland, another Philadelphia radio personality, died, she turned to Neulander for grief counseling.

Defendant told Jenoff, “make sure when I come home I find her dead. Defendant and Jenoff discussed the details of Carol’s murder, including when, how, and where. Retrieved from ” https: Carol told Rebecca that it was “the bathroom guy,” and confirmed that she meant the same person who had been there the week before.

Moreover, defendant has not shown that the appeal would have been decided differently if this issue had been raised. Rabbi Fred Neulander is charged with having his wife, Carol, bludgeoned to death in their suburban Philadelphia home in Furthermore, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, “a defendant seeking to inspect State files should identify numbet specific documents sought for production.

On the eve of Neulander’s conspiracy trial, the actual killer and conspiracy partner, Len Jenoff, confessed to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips.

Neulander sighed as the jury forewoman announced the verdict. And again, the issue is not whether or not Mr. Carol Neulander, the mother of three, was a bright, caring woman, a straight talker who “got the job done,” said neighbors and friends. On June 20, a grand jury indicted Fred Neulander on charges of capital murder, felony murder and conspiracy.


He asked the neuander to reconsider her prior ruling limiting Beardsley’s testimony to Jenoff’s purported statement about being involved in another homicide. According to Matthew, defendant told him that he and Carol had had an “agreement” that allowed nwulander to “seek gratification outside of their marriage because he and Mom were sexually incompatible.

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Meanwhile, defendant attended Rabbi Mazo’s confirmation class where he remained until 9: She was pronounced dead at the scene by the county medical examiner’s office. The case was coming together for police, who long suspected that the rabbi had arranged to have his wife killed.

After the hearing, defense counsel argued for the opportunity to cross-examine Jenoff on the information Beardsley imparted about the Bell murder and the contacts Jenoff had with the Bell family in order to show bias and interest on the part of Jenoff, which would affect his credibility. During the trial, both Jenoff and Daniels described the killing of Carol Neulander in graphic details.

Sources close to the investigation said Mrs. Beardsley testified that, when he and Jenoff talked about the murder, Jenoff stated that defendant “had absolutely nothing to do with it,” that it was “a robbery gone bad,” and that the woman was “killed.